How Broadway Actors Remain Healthy and Fit

How Broadway Actors Remain Healthy and Fit

The life of an actor is quite harder and more complicated than everyone thinks. They need to maintain the perfect body and remain trim and toned.

Weight loss and maintenance aren’t easy especially during this health crisis. As Broadway singers, dancers, and actors stay sidelined at the comforts of their homes due to the pandemic, there is a need for them to maintain the required fitness and stamina.

Most of them have managed to stay healthy and fit by eating well and incorporating various workout routines in their home setups. Here is how some of the actors have managed to stay healthy while staying at home.

They Do Regular Exercises

Even though most actors haven’t been rehearsing for their actual routines, they’ve been creating their work from home workouts to imitate and mimic the physical requirements of stage performance. Some may do some pushups and pull-ups every morning to maintain their endurance while some do some stretching and bending to maintain their flexibility.

A warm-up routine is as important as the actual workout session. This essential routine reconditions your muscles and prepares them for vigorous executions. Some actors work out three times a week while some work out every day, perhaps due to having workout equipment at the comforts of their home.

Undeniably, there is a need to invest in physical health and appearance when you are working in the entertainment industry and the Broadway actors know this too well. Most of the cast members including Mallory Maedke and Samantha Pauly have dedicated themselves to jumping rope as a cardio workout. Other exercises that the Broadway cast members do to maintain their appearance and body endurance include yoga, jogging, and choreography.

Nic Walker, who takes the role of Otis William trains 5 to 6 days a week. Nic alternates between weight training, high-intensity interval training, stretching, and cardio. Nevertheless, other cast members like Kayla Davion have taken this time to rest and relax and get ready for their performances.

They Maintain a Healthy Diet

Diet is very basic, and this is almost considered as the foundation of any weight maintenance routine. For Broadway actors or singers, diet is considered equally important for muscle and vocal warm-up. These actors watch what they put on their plates to help them keep fit and healthy as they await the official reopening date.

Water is a Must!

Some Broadway actors admitted that hydration helped a lot in their endurance and sustenance. They hydrate a lot before and after the show. It seems like they can do two to three consecutive shows without meal breaks as long as there are water breaks.

Some actors who are suffering from sinusitis and minor throat issues only gargle warm water mixed with apple cider before the show to ensure optimal condition and performance. They also take an apple cider shot hours after the show, especially before going to bed. This is especially useful since they have stressed vocal cords throughout the entire day.


These are some of the secrets that have helped Broadway actors continue to look their best. Staying fit helps them to meet the demands of being on the stage eight times a week.

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