About Us

About Us

The Pearl Company is devoted to creating an online database that showcases the diversity of the application and quality of production of the Canadian theatre industry. It is designed to offer convenient access to information for fellow artists and advocates that can be sorted according to the particular province and the specific artistic focus.

When it comes to the international scene, the Canadian theatre industry, led by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, or PACT, has been gaining consistency, but still, there are rooms for developments towards greatness. The Pearl Company serves as a gateway of encouragement for the upcoming theatre performers and other related artists.

The Pearl Company aims to:

  • Promote the various presentations and live acts of the theatre companies existing in a particular area to the target audience.
  • Provide detailed employment information to artists and a wide range of production opportunities for various theatre companies.
  • Build solid connections between the companies involved in the performing arts educating communities accompanied by constant research and consistent studies.
  • Demonstrate the current capability and the growing potential of the Canadian theatre industry to the international audience.

A membership in PACT is not required in order to be able to freely create a listing.

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