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Theatre Rules

Theatre has been a world of emotion and fascination for most people. You can find here that behind its grandeur are concealed stories behind every rule that a theatre person must abide by.
Replace your “Good luck” with a “Break a leg!”.
According to Thespians, saying “Good luck” will trigger the theatre fairies to do the opposite of what actors really want to happen. So saying “Break a leg” will surely confuse these hiding creatures.
Another widely acceptable story behind this expression explains that the “leg” does not entirely refer to a man’s body part but…

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12 Awesome Canadian Summer Events

Canada has some of the best summer festivals ever. Here are 12 of them:
1. Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
This event features around 1,600 theatre performances for over 11 days, all packed with great buskers, artisans, and vendors. There are also entertainment sections for young kids.
2. Calgary Stampede
Dubbed as ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth’, this event showcases the top performers of various cowboy sports and also accompanied by some country music celebrations.
3. Just for Laughs Festival, Montreal
The ever-famous gag …

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Best of Canada’s Summer Festivals

When summertime comes, expect that there are no shortages of festivals happening in the cold country of Canada. That may be the only period where people have a break from the chilling climate and enjoy the outdoors with music, dance, drinks, and fun-loving participants. As a guide to enjoy Canada’s best summer festivals, here is a shortlist of what you are about to expect.
1. Montreal International Jazz Festival
According to the current Guinness World Record, this festival is the largest for its genre. Around 2 million people are expected to gather and attend 800 different activities and concerts of …

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