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Shari Vandermolen & SWINGLINE: Saturday, March 2!

Shari Vandermolen & SWINGLINE: Saturday, March 2! At Last! No Snowstorm guarantee…! Doors: 7:30pm. Show: 8:00pm. Tickets: $20. SwingLine is a 10-piece jazz combo of inspired and accomplished musicians who pack a powerhouse big-band sound with a little soulful R & B to round things off.  Their featured vocalist, Shari Vandermolen, is an award-winning actor/singer who has been performing in and around the city for over 15 years. You can look forward to a swinging evening exploring songs from the Great American Songbook and other favourites. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow this time!
“[Shari Vandermolen] takes a song and gives it emotional depth and edge.  She not only sings it magnificently she acts the heart and soul out of it…  When she tackles such hurting songs and raw pain surges from her throat, that pain finds you in the dark and makes you shiver with pleasure.”   – The Hamilton Spectator
Don’t miss out on this one.Here’s that big-band sound you been craving!  Listen:  Join us January 18!

A Musical Celebration of The Pearl Company! Saturday, March 16

A Musical Celebration of The Pearl Company! Saturday, March 16. Doors: 7:00pm. Show: 7:30. Tickets: Pay What You Can. This marvelous show brings together a number of musicians who have played The Pearl over the years. Just look at this lineup! Featuring Singer/songwriters: Scotty Bakalar, George Douglas , Kevin Woolfe, Tom Shea, Danny Medakovic, Jennifer Noble, And vocalist: Renee Christiansen.  This is serious musicianship on display!

 For bios of this talented line-up, Read More: (more…)

An Evening of FLAMENCO PASSION! Friday, March 22

An Evening of FLAMENCO PASSION! Tronio Flamenco: Friday, March 22, Doors: 7:30pm. Show: 8:00. Tickets: $20. Milena Tejada is a young, incredibly talented dancer tearing up the flamenco scene in Bolivia, Seville (Spain) and now Montreal where she is currently studying and living.  She has recently been nick-named la Tormentita (the little storm) for her powerful and relentless footwork and superb technique.
Dennis Duffin, guitarist, originally from Toronto and now based in Seville Spain, tours regularly with Fin de Fiesta Flamenco, is an original member of Toronto world music group Ventanas, and is known throughout flamenco circles in Canada and abroad. Dennis is presenting this current formation of super talented artists based out of Montreal. Rounding out the roster is Fin de Fiesta companion, Hanser Santos Gomez on Percussion and the infamous Caracolillo de Montreal singing.
—Tronío Flamenco— Dance: Milena Tejada (Bolivia/France), Guitar: Dennis Duffin (Toronto/Sevilla), Voice: Caracolillo (Montreal), Percussion: Hanser Santos Gomez (Cuba)

Together Again! Erin & Nara! Leonard, Burns & Dell! Robin Benedict! Saturday, March 23

Together Again! Erin & Nara! Leonard, Burns & Dell! Robin Benedict! Saturday, March 23. Doors: 7:30pm. Show: 8:00. Tickets: $20 / $25 at the door. With Amy Di Nino.  It’s been 2 ½ years since these women performed together!  Come join them for a Farewell to The Pearl Company Variety Show! Featuring the harmonious vocal wonders: Leonard, Burns & Dell! (Strong solo artists all, they’re good friends who love to make music, write songs, and sing harmonies.) The musical comedy stylings of Erin & Nara! (Unbelievably creative, over-the-top hilarious, and just generally not-to-be-missed!)  WithSpecial’ Guest the soulful powerhouse Robin Benedict! (Raw and fearless vocals with a distinctly vulnerable cadence. She packs a potent punch live!) A truly special concert from these truly special women.  What a night; you don’t want to miss this one!


ENCUENTRO FLAMENCO: Sunday, March 31, Doors: 7:00pm. Show: 7:30. Tickets: $20. A quest for freedom within the constraints of tradition. The artists: Tamar Ilana: vocals/dance; Matt Sellick: flamenco guitar; Derek Gray: percussion.
The dancer calls, the musicians answer; the guitarist sings and the singer replies. Each is an individual artist, but together, it becomes a whole universe into which the audience is invited. In Encuentro, Tamar and Matt share their discovery of each other as artists, themselves as individuals, and what it means to be Canadian flamenco artists. In this encounter between the new and the old, the original and the traditional, the composed and the interpreted, Tamar and Matt rearrange traditional pieces, present original choreographies, and share new compositions.
Powerhouse vocalist and dancer Tamar Ilana has studied, lived and performed in Paris, Seville and Barcelona; she has been featured in flamenco festivals across North America. She is releasing her third album with her award-winning band, Ventanas, this May. (more…)

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