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Ted Basciano: WHO IMAGINED?! Friday, March 4

Ted Basciano: WHO IMAGINED?! Friday, March 4: 7:00–10:00pm. Art Opening: No Charge. Ted Basciano is a nomad and the thread that brings him back home is his art.  He does much of his work when he is TedBascianoArt(2)away in Korea, teaching; he comes back home to show it. His quirky, very “Ted” works are mostly colourful, mosaic sculptures on a variety of themes which have evolved from his experiences in Korea. The shards have been gathered from the streets and temples of Naju and other areas in the Asian country. This new work depicts whimsical figures and complete abstract forms.  “The characters in my new works show a range of emotions: joy, wonder, thankfulness, frustration, anxiousness, and sorrow.  All of the characters have been given simplified settings: a bedroom, a park, a cafe. I have used a variety of symbols: hearts, sunbeams, tears.  With emotions, settings, and symbols, I have tried to be a storyteller.”

Gregory Hoskins with Tina Newlove: A Concert and Live Painting Performance. Dec. 12

Gregory Hoskins with Tina Newlove: A Concert and Live Painting Performance. Saturday, December 12: 8:00pm. $25 door. Acclaimed singer/songwriter Gregory Hoskins performs ‘songs of muscular sorrow’ drawn from his 25 year career, in a solo performance featuring visual artist Tina Newlove on a canvas that is projected over Hoskins.  The evening is a feast for the ears, the eyes, and the places those things are connected to. Two unique artists in a conversation that is totally unscripted.  Gregory Hoskins’ career has spanned 22 years, eight albums, GregoryHoskins_NewloveRemember Gregory Hoskins and The Stickpeople on the legendary True North label?   Hoskins, (“….. depth, complexity and sincerity …inspired and 100% original!”) has appeared with Sarah McLachlan, The Indigo Girls, Bruce Cockburn, and folk-legend Odetta among many others. He also works with First Nations artists and arts organizations, as well as with media artist Cheryl L’Hirondelle in her ongoing creation project with women in prison. Tina Newlove continues to be recognized by her peers as an artist who is making a significant contribution to the cultural life of Canada. Her much-awarded work appears in numerous public galleries. She is a founding member of Tribe of One, a Canadian Performance Collective that fuses the soul of Indigenous folk-funk rock with English, French, First Nation and Metis, singers, dancers, painters and musicians.

Dispossessed but Defiant: Indigenous Struggles from Around the World: Nov. 26-28 & Dec. 1- 9

Photo exhibition: Dispossessed but Defiant: Indigenous Struggles from Around the World: Nov. 26-28 & Dec. 1- 9: 7:00-10:00pm. Dec 6, 2:00-6:00pm. Launch Reception: Dec 2: 7:00-10:00pm featuring a panel discussion, dramatic reading and DispossessedCape-townrefreshments. Admission Free at all times.
The exhibition, produced by the CJPME Foundation, features over 120 visually compelling photos taken by both professional and amateur photographers at pivotal moments of indigenous peoples’ struggles in South Africa, Palestine, and Canada. Photos spanning 150 years of history – from the very earliest days of photography – form this exhibition.  The exhibition is moving and inspirational, and provides fresh insights into the histories of indigenous struggles.
The Canadian segment includes many rarely seen images, of Indigenous life in the late 1800s and early 1900s, of the controversial residential schools system, and of more recent confrontations over land claims, resource extraction projects, and fishing rights.  The CJPME Foundation gratefully acknowledges The First Nations of Canada who contributed photos to the exhibition, despite the current demands of their ongoing struggle to overcome the legacy of the residential schools system; and thanks the Presbyterian Church of Canada, which has owned up to its part in the residential school tragedy, for helping to provide photos for this segment.
All three segments of the exhibition have been developed in close consultation with recognized academic specialists in the three respective geographical areas covered. See more re the South African and Palestinian Segments. (more…)

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Chile in Hamilton! Fri July 3 – Sun July 5.

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Chile in Hamilton at The Pearl Company: Friday July 3 – (Opening 6:00pm-9:00 pm) to Sunday, July 5. No charge. Exact times below. The Museum of Memory and Human Rights of Chile has a mission: to ChileanPhotodivulge the systematic violations of human rights committed by the Chilean state during the period of 1973-1990; to avoid the repetition of events that compromise the dignity of persons; as well as to dignify the victims and their families. The Museum was inaugurated in 2010 by President Michelle Bachelet.
We are pleased to welcome the visit of this traveling exhibition to Hamilton.  Carmen Gloria Quintana will honour us with her presence. Carmen Gloria has a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.  She is a human rights activist and the direct victim of  human rights violations during the dictatorship of Pinochet in Chile, surviving an attempt to burn her alive by the military in 1986.
The exhibition includes:
• The collection of 36 photographs “Fragments / Memory / Graphics 40 years after the coup”.
• The collection of 10 posters titled “Resistance Posters” which denounce human rights violations during the military dictatorship.
• The collection of 10 posters titled “Posters of the International Solidarity” made in exile during 1973 and 1990 in countries such as Canada, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, France and others.
Open: Friday July 3 – 12pm to 9pm (Official Opening 6:00pm-9:00 pm)
Saturday July 4 – 12pm to 8pm
Sunday July 5 – 10pm to 3pm
For further information please contact: Nancy Reyes- 905-745-6312

Cora and Eric Brittan: Light, Water, and Fantasy: Opening: Sunday, October 26

Light, Water, and Fantasy: Cora and Eric Brittan:  Opening: Sunday, October 26. 2:00 – 5:00pm. No charge. Cora and Eric spend their time between two worlds. BrittanCora.jpgFrom their homes here on Lake Ontario and in Mexico on the Pacific, they conjure their magical and compelling works celebrating nature, life, light, and fantasy. Cora and Eric are natural teachers lovingly passing on their passion for their art. They have enjoyed numerous solo, group, and two person exhibitions, with works in many private and corporate collections. We are honoured and delighted to be showing them on our walls.  They are local art royalty! www.brittanart.comBrittanEric.jpg

SPIRIT OF THE RED PINE: Opening Reception: Friday, July 11

SPIRIT OF THE RED PINE: Opening Art Reception: Friday, July 11, 7–9. A fundraising exhibition of works by pARTners for WolfLake_Spirit_Poster.jpegWolf Lake. Nineteen artists unite their voices in preserving the beauty of Wolf Lake in the Temagami area, NE of Sudbury. It is at the heart of the world’s largest contiguous ancient red pine forest.  This traveling art show and online auction brings awareness to an incredible ecosystem, while art sales contribute to the protection against mining exploration and excavation. The theme of human-environment interaction is woven into the show. The pARTners for Wolf Lake show features works from painters, photographers and poets who have created art inspired by their outdoor experiences and time spent on Wolf Lake.  Among them are two Hamiltonians: painter of shimmering landscapes, E. Robert Ross, and talented photographer Heather Buttrum. “They are bringing the beauty of Wolf Lake to a wider audience” says Bob Olajos, spokesperson for the Wolf Lake Coalition. July 11th – August 23rd, 2014. 100% of profits go to the Wolf Lake Coalition. Gallery Open by appointment, by chance, before events and, we hope, Wednesdays 7 to 9. Full Artist List Below:  (more…)

Celebration of Latin American Art in Hamilton: May 16, 17

Celebration of Latin American Art in Hamilton May 16, 17:  May 16, 8pm: Spanjazz….See Below….    

Saturday, May 17: 12:00 – 5:00pm: Opening! Casa Mansang: Casa Mansang features the art of artists and artisans from South CasaMansang_1.jpgand Central America; also guest exhibitions of local established artists. The gallery is packed with gloriously colourful and upbeat art, jewellery, ‘artwear’, and curiosities, perfect for gifts and for just plain decorating!  If you want to be cheered by a vibrant and eye-catching display, check out the Face Book site:  or come on by!     

Saturday, May 17: 8:00pmMusic Gala with  Singer, Idalid Parra. Dancing to follow…. $15.00/$10.00 students/artists. Idalid Parra is a Colombian singer with a deep understanding of the roots of Ranchera music. She started singing at the age of 6, IdalidParra.jpgperforming in social events, weddings, birthdays, shows, and competitions. This talented, friendly, and fun singer also loves to dance, and is an equally capable artist drawing faces and places. She is active in the AFH Fraternity Hispanic Association in Canada.  
This is an event with Latin American artists….  Dancing can break out at any time but especially after Idalid sings! Or maybe during…..

DOORS OPEN!Ladybird Sanctuary!Dave Gould! May 3 & 4

DOORS OPEN Hamilton! Saturday & Sunday, May 3 & 4. 11 to 4pm
3rd Annual Ladybird Spring Fair!
The fine musicians and human beings who make up the Ladybird Sanctuary (Melissa McLelland, LadyBird2014.jpgLisa Winn, Janine Stoll) will fill the place with music, food, and fun. Come on out and enjoy. All to benefit Ladybird Animal Sanctuary and the rescued animals in their care!  The fair was great fun last year and absolutely packed with people, happenings, food, crafts, and entertainment. Bring your family to the fair and help Ladybird rescue animals in your community! Donations are: “Pay What You Wish”.
Dave Gould will be presenting his unique and uniquely fashioned musical instruments.  Based on the fact that you can make music withDave_the_happy_drummer.jpg just about anything, Dave lets his imagination and his musical skills run riot.  Seeing – and hearing – will be believing
Tours will be provided showing off the three floors of the exciting and distinctive building that is The Pearl Company. Comprising the Concert Hall that is considered one of the acoustically-finest rooms on the planet; the unique tiered black box theatre-in-the-round that is getting so much attention these days; the art that is hung in the three galleries; the ambiance which is so often called ‘New York’ and valued as almost impossible to find any more!  It’s here; in Hamilton.  Come visit.

Ladybird Fair Performances: 

  • Saturday, at 1:00pm and 3:00pm, features the highly-touted ensemble, The DoneFors, showcasing an eclectic style they term ‘Canadiana vanguard’, which incorporates jazz, pop, rock, world and roots elements. Singer/songwriter, (and Ladybird) Janine Stoll with her expressive versatile voice, and her band pump out a brilliant sound.
  • Sunday at 1:00pm and 3:00pm, local solo roots artist and singer/songwriter Mimi Shaw will entertain with The Highnote Ramblers. Deeply influenced by Canadian folk and Americana roots artists, Mimi creates a sound that evokes characteristics of both styles. Her band was voted one of CBC’s top 10 picks for Hamilton’s Supercrawl 2012.

Grand Opening of Art in “The Pearl District”! December 6

December 6: Grand Opening of Art in The Pearl District”! 7:00 pm. to ? No Charge. Gerardo Mansang, has set up Casa Mansang featuring art CasaMansang.jpgand artisans from South and Central America in one of our storefronts at Steven and King. Art on the walls includes Gerardo, Dora Restepo and Zunayme Romero.  Great gift ideas and just in time for Christmas!
St. Jacques Photography: will be open. Joanna St. Jacques is a welcome addition to the arts scene creating itself here in “The Pearl District”.
Members of the Hamilton Sculpture Guild will be here with their winter show in the main gallery in The Pearl showing us their work and how they PearlCoNight.jpgput it together….
Our regular Pearl Company artists will be hanging in our other gallery spaces too. Snacks, beverages, fun!
More information to come….

Opening: The Hamilton Sculptors’ Guild Fall/Winter Exhibition: Nov 17

The Hamilton Sculptors’ Guild (HSG) Fall/Winter Exhibition: Opening Sunday Nov 17th, 3pm to 8pm. Join us for an exhibition of works in stone, Sculptures_Guild_invite.jpgwood, metal, clay and more from some of the finest sculptors in Hamilton & area. Participants: Lia Van Pelt Ridell, John Tice, Sandor Monos, Vida Cegys, Naomi Frohlich, Carolyn Lehmann, Monika Minnis, Malcolm Cumming, Bruna Sbranchella, Joseph Sawicki, Stone Carver, & Jennifer Wilson-Bridgman.  Exhibition runs thru Jan 12th, 2013

Diane Beatty-Wearing: “AMBITIOUS”. September 26

Diane Beatty-Wearing: “AMBITIOUS”. Thursday, September 26. 7:00 to 9:30. No charge. Diane Beatty-Wearing brings a visceral perspective in her THE_AMBITIOUSpostcard2.jpg“Ambitious” Hamilton series. “Starting small and working to large, symbolic of the end result of ambition in any chosen direction. Hamilton has moved away from the reputation of manufacturing steel small c culture, into the culture driven multi media of arts production. Quite a large group now entertains this idea. It is the thought that counts. We are working towards a tipping point.”
DBW explores Hamilton with an eye towards the aesthetic. The architecture, abundance of trees and green space, Breathtaking scenery, community gathering places. There is a lot to draw from.
DBW has left the mainstream workforce to freelance as an artist and art educator.  High ambitions, fraught with challenge and bursting creativity.  Opening up the right-brain and following the feeling, DBW makes it up as she goes. “We are what we keep telling ourselves.  I AM Hamiltonian; I AM an Artist; I  AM.  And now to paint.”


THE JACK STREET SHOW: THE LAST CALL: The Memorial Wake & Celebration of the Life & Work of the late local Artist & Story Teller. Jackinblack.jpgMonday, September 16. Doors at 6:00, show at 9:00. Pay what you wish at door. Join Jack’s wife LLLLaura, his family of friends, and his dog, Gonzo in celebrating the man’s life and work. At 9:00 the show be launched with bagpipes and we will showcase the eclectic parade that was Jack’s life: his poetry, his stories, his musical collaborations, his artwork (the retrospective he was working on before he passed away)..  Jack`s favourite music will accompany LLLLaura`s photo slideshow. Bob Ezergailis’ videos of Jack on stage, taken over the years will be projected on the big screen of the main floor theatre. Suggested attire is Gypsy/Hippy/Jack Street style. There will be spirited libations, merriment, great gobs of food, remembrance and lively conversation, all the things Jack loved the most. Truly a multi-faceted, entertaining, and interesting evening not to be missed. A good old “Knees Up” as Jack would say! Pot luck offerings welcome!

Art Bus: September 6 & 13

The Art Bus is Sponsored by Judy Marsales Real Estate Brokerage: JMarsalesArtBusLarge.jpg

First 2 Fridays of every month! Check out Hamilton’s unique and constantly evolving art scene!  Call Barbara (905.524.0606) or email ( to reserve your seat.  Next dates: October 4 & 11.  Cost: $15/$10 students/artists.  Start: 6:30 from The Pearl.

  • September 6:
    The L’Arche Community Art Studio:  This favourite stop for our Bus patrons is an international family of communities for people with learning disabilities and those wishing to share life with them. Participants produce colourful paintings and works in clay as part of their programming.
    Ottawa Street Stroll: Earls Court Gallery: Currently showing the very painterly ‘Alla Prima’ with artists Dara Aram & Jan Yates.
    AllSorts Gallery: A co-operative art gallery and gift store with 38 local artists and artisans including: ceramics, glass, textiles, wood, and jewellery.
    337 Sketch Gallery: Opening Reception of  ‘My Way’ – a collection of work by Anne Becker influenced by her pilgrimage through Spain (Camino de Santiago), and Italy (Via Francigena).
    Arts 4U Studio: A gallery, studio and a classroom with a collection of 19 artists and artisans showing and teaching. Artist in Residence Mary Simms hosts.
    Montmartre Gallery: Rob Laffier, John Stirling, Don Graves
    Nathaniel Hughson Gallery on John Street North is dedicated to representing artists in their early and mid careers. We will be previewing gallery artists Christina Sealy’s , “Small Paintings and Studies”.

Explore Hamilton’s exciting Art Scene on the Art Bus!
•    Starting at 6:30 from The Pearl Company
•    Reserve a spot via email or phone, and purchase your trip ($15/$10 students/artists) when you arrive
•    We finish at The Pearl for an après-tour wind-down, either a tour of the building or admission to that night’s event
Call Barbara Milne at  905-524-0606 or email to reserve your seat. The Art Bus has been called ‘The Best Deal in Town’, ‘A great way to catch the Art Scene in Hamilton’ ! Meet new people and/or bring your own party. Group Tours arranged.

Art Opening: Abrazos: Zunayme Romero: Aug 10

Art Opening: Abrazos: Saturday, August 10. 7 – 10 pm. No Charge. Cuban artist, Zunayme Romero is a graduate of the San Embrace_Invitation_page_001__1_.jpgAlejandro Academy of Fine Arts. She has chosen oils on canvas as her medium and the human body as her preferred subject; in particular the bodies of contemporary dance artists, whose art is to present the many facets of human expression.  Romero, in creating her images from live models, not only captures the reality of the naked form but also delves deeply into her subjects, revealing much more.  Her subjects seem locked in a quiet struggle, contorted, enraptured and at times as if in enveloped in pain. The emotions and entanglements often morph into the abstract leaving us to unravel the mystery.  Abrazos is Spanish for Embrace.

Amanda McIntyre:From Abstract to Figurative. On the walls now!

Amanda McIntyre: From Abstract to Figurative. On the walls now! We will have a “Closing Party” for this show, May 23.  Amanda is an emerging Hamilton Artist. She has an Honours Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, Studio Visual Arts, from YorkAmandaMagnolia.jpg University and has made it her goal to show the world her art. For the past two years she has been part of 11 group shows and 10 solo exhibits. She has curated several group exhibits, commissioned to complete over 30 commissions and sold another 80 pieces. Amanda tends to dabble in all types of mediums from intaglio and woodcut printing, to painting of all sorts, and photography as well. The themes of her work change as often as her choice of medium, ranging from social comments, to contrasting religion and society, to pure abstraction. This exhibit, at the Pearl Company, will be a display of paintings from abstract to figurative.


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