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Canada boasts a vibrant theater scene that caters to a diverse range of tastes, and if you’re a vaping enthusiast looking for an enjoyable night out, you’re in luck. Explore the pulsating energy of live performances, and after the show, unwind with the discreet allure of stlth compatibles, adding a modern twist to your cultural experience.
We’ve compiled a list of 10 vape-friendly theater events across the Great White North that you should definitely consider attending.
Let’s check them out!
1. Stratford Festival…

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CBD-infused products can help you relax, appreciate, and enjoy whatever you are engaged in. You can use them the next time you attend a music festival to make the experience more fun and memorable. For those seeking a different kind of buzz, consider indulging in THCa carts, offering a potent and discreet way to explore the benefits of cannabis without the high.
Relieve Your Stress
Music is a great way to destress, especially when you are alone. However, attending a music festival means being in a crowd. You cannot predict what will happen since it’s like a gathering of …

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Legendary Hollywood Celebrity Vapers

Let’s face it, people in the world of vaping are crazy about celebrities! Vapers want to be like their idols and vape e-juices like these for example just like them. There is a certain sense of admiration that comes with celebrity vapers. Here is a list of famous Hollywood celebrity vapers that have made a name for themselves.
Samuel L Jackson
When it comes to famous Hollywood celebrities, Samuel L Jackson is probably one of the most popular vapers.  He has been using vaporizers for a long time and he’s even made an …

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12 Awesome Canadian Summer Events

Canada has some of the best summer festivals ever. Here are 12 of them:
1. Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
This event features around 1,600 theatre performances for over 11 days, all packed with great buskers, artisans, and vendors. There are also entertainment sections for young kids.
2. Calgary Stampede
Dubbed as ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth’, this event showcases the top performers of various cowboy sports and also accompanied by some country music celebrations.
3. Just for Laughs Festival, Montreal
The ever-famous gag …

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TheatreOne, a professional theatre company of Nanaimo, aims to entertain people through exploring and understanding various complex issues of today. With the cooperation of the playwrights across Canada, it promotes support for the development of young talent and new ideas.
TheatreOne is the center of Nanaimo’s devotion to the Performing Arts community. It is known for its stable programs and quality outputs together with the support of trusted partners.
This latest season, the line-up of shows advocates equal opportunity, as it features works from female artists/performers and an award-winning Canadian native. For more …

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Best of Canada’s Summer Festivals

When summertime comes, expect that there are no shortages of festivals happening in the cold country of Canada. That may be the only period where people have a break from the chilling climate and enjoy the outdoors with music, dance, drinks, and fun-loving participants. As a guide to enjoy Canada’s best summer festivals, here is a shortlist of what you are about to expect.
1. Montreal International Jazz Festival
According to the current Guinness World Record, this festival is the largest for its genre. Around 2 million people are expected to gather and attend 800 different activities and concerts of …

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Presentation House Theatre

The Presentation House Theatre, or PHT, is a professional theatre that caters to everyone. We offer the highest quality in performance and production possible while still maintaining a connection to audiences of various age groups.
Here are the objectives that the PHT have set in contribution to the Canadian theatre scene:

The continuous high-quality production of entertaining and engaging works
Provision of the educational environment and life-long learning for new and emerging artists
Gathering of different performing artists to share each other’s perspectives, expertise, and resources

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Young People’s Theatre

The Young People’s Theatre, or YTP, is Toronto’s oldest company in the field of professional theatre. For more than 50 years, we have provided numerous plays with such great importance and impact for young audiences across the country.
Up until now, we are still dedicated to producing more work and establish more connections with other theatre companies both from local and international stages. Our ‘Education & Participation’ department is responsible for creating programs and offering opportunities to further the development of various art forms.
We at YTP make sure that the uniqueness of each individual is not …

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Pat the Dog Theatre Creation

The Pat the Dog Theatre Creation is a humble group of artists and performers from Ontario that uses the theatre medium to spread stories with a high level of significance for today. With our passion and innovation, we aim to impart our messages to a wide audience and make them generate thoughts, explore emotions, and unleash some pressure.
The Pat the Dog Theatre Creation shows great devotion in helping the Canadian theatre scene by molding the potential among young aspirants and eager learners and provide the necessary environment to achieve that and promote their crafts. We welcome any artists in whatever level of growth they are …

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Stephenville Theatre Festival

Stephenville Theatre Festival, or STF, is a professional theatre production composed of diverse acts dedicated to engaging, enlightening, and entertaining the audience. This event aims to be the face of tourism in the area of Bay St. George and enhances the sectors relating to the economy, arts, and culture.
The festival also serves as an employment or business opportunity for the residents. Aside from the financial impact, it also provides an avenue for educational purposes to many eager, young, and developing artists through seminars and training from trusted mentors.
Check out on the link below what is being offered on the…

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Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre

We, the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre, are a theatre community that promotes our mission through exerting on our ideas, talents, and performances. We collaborate with artists who had the same ideals and interests as innovation and execution.
As an organization that is deeply rooted in the region of Saskatchewan, we are concerned with tackling issues that cause division in the society and topics that encourage unity among fellowmen. This can be racism, sexism, environment, social awareness, social justice, and support for equality regardless of status and culture.
We use any medium such as dance, multi-dimensional …

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