Day: June 26, 2020

Presentation House Theatre

The Presentation House Theatre, or PHT, is a professional theatre that caters to everyone. We offer the highest quality in performance and production possible while still maintaining a connection to audiences of various age groups.
Here are the objectives that the PHT have set in contribution to the Canadian theatre scene:

The continuous high-quality production of entertaining and engaging works
Provision of the educational environment and life-long learning for new and emerging artists
Gathering of different performing artists to share each other’s perspectives, expertise, and resources

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Young People’s Theatre

The Young People’s Theatre, or YTP, is Toronto’s oldest company in the field of professional theatre. For more than 50 years, we have provided numerous plays with such great importance and impact for young audiences across the country.
Up until now, we are still dedicated to producing more work and establish more connections with other theatre companies both from local and international stages. Our ‘Education & Participation’ department is responsible for creating programs and offering opportunities to further the development of various art forms.
We at YTP make sure that the uniqueness of each individual is not …

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