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FIN DE FIESTA FLAMENCO: AUDACIA: Saturday, August 27. 8:00pm. $20 /$15 students/seniors/un(der)waged. Direct from Seville, FinDeFiesta08_2016Spain: Fin de Fiesta Flamenco dance and music ensemble presents AUDACIA, a bold new production that explores the many sides of one of the world’s most passionate and intense art forms: flamenco. Though they come from different continents, Fin de Fiesta Flamenco’s core members make their home base in Seville Spain while calling the world home, and collaborating with artists from all over the planet. Flamenco’s gypsy roots in Andalusia are echoed in their vagabond life, “We’ve chosen to live a life of movement… following the dance and the music where it takes us,” says guitarist Dennis Duffin. Ancient rhythms meet avant-garde ideas and converge in an explosion of staccato guitar, haunting flute, stunning vocals and percussive footwork. To the south of Spain and back again, AUDACIA will leave you breathless, with the pulsing rhythms of flamenco beating in your heart. Fin de Fiesta Flamenco is Lia Grainger (artistic director, dance), Dennis Duffin (musical director, guitar), Lara Wong (flute), Alejandro Mendía (voice), Davide Sampaulo (percussion, for select performances) and Jessica Hana Deutsch (violin, for select performances).  Fin de Fiesta Flamenco in action:


Hammer Hoppers Presents: The Adrean Farrugia Quartet: Wednesday, June 1

Hammer Hoppers Presents: The Adrean Farrugia Quartet: Wednesday, June 1. Doors: 7:00/Lesson: 7:30/Show: 8:00. $15 / $10 with a MacSwing membership card…  Hammer Hoppers is pleased to present The AdreanFarrugiaAdrean Farrugia Quartet to perform for us at our last live band dance until the fall. Adrean Farrugia is a graduate of the Mohawk College Applied Music program and the University of Toronto Jazz Performance program. He has travelled extensively throughout North America as well as Europe and Japan with a variety of bands, and has appeared on over 30 recordings. Adrean’s own Juno nominated project RICOCHET debuted at the Toronto International Jazz Festival. We are excited to welcome Adrean’s experience and expertise to our dance floor. Join us for an evening of great music and fun dancing with The Adrean Farrugia Quartet.
The Theme: Yellow (Walking On Sunshine). Hammer Hoppers offers dance instruction and socials for vintage swing dances, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa.
7:30-8:00PM: Drop-In Beginner Lesson. 8:00-11:00PM: The Adrean Farrugia Quartet.  Listen to Adrean:

Murphy-Dyson/Santucci: Pas de Deux: Friday & Saturday, May 27/28

Murphy-Dyson/Santucci: Pas de Deux: Friday/ Saturday, May 27/28. 8pm. $20/$15 students/ seniors/ un(der)waged. An exceptional blend of choreography and improvisation from two major talents in NakedBallerinatheir fields. The combination of duos (dance and guitar) will make this unique and exciting event a memorable one!  Gary Santucci plays his original compositions for solo guitar; Sarah Murphy-Dyson dances. We know Sarah for both her dancing and acting chops! Remember The Naked Ballerina? She danced and acted her way through “…a heartbreaking performance in this almost autobiographical story of a dancer coming to terms with the pain of being perfect. Murphy-Dyson’s script was compelling stuff and her stunning performance rocked The Pearl Company nightly.” Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator. Gary Santucci (Flamenco, Classical & Jazz Guitar Artist) has become a consummate musician whose repertoire spans numerous genres. Among his awards is Best Classical Musician 1982 [Hamilton Wentworth Council of the Arts],  The City of Hamilton Arts Award for Music 2004, and together with Barbara Milne, The City of Hamilton Arts Award 2008 for Lifetime Achievement.  Listen:

Hammer Hoppers Presents: Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats: Wednesday, April 13

Hammer Hoppers Presents: Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats: Wednesday, April 13. Doors: 7:00/Lesson: Alex Pangman(2)7:30/Show: 8:00. $15 / $10 with a MacSwing membership card…  Hammer Hoppers is pleased to present Canada’s Sweetheart of Swing, Alex Pangman, to perform at the next social. Vocalist and band leader Alex Pangman knows exactly how to get the dance floor jumping. Her music has been showcased three times at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, on a national tour, and was recently recognized with a Juno Award nomination for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year with her album ‘New’. Join us on the dance floor and be serenaded by Alex’s stylish musical offerings. The Theme: Florals (April Showers Bring May Flowers). Hammer Hoppers offers dance instruction and socials for vintage swing dances, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa.
7:30-8:00PM: Drop-In Beginner Lesson
8:00-11:00PM: Alex Pangman & Her Alleycats
Listen to Alex:


Hammer Hoppers Presents: Bertie & The Gents: Wednesday, February 24

Hammer Hoppers Presents: Bertie & The Gents: Wednesday, February 24. Doors: 7:00/Lesson: 7:30/Show: 8:00. $15 / $10 with a MacSwing membership card…  Hammer Hoppers is overjoyed to be presenting Bertie & The HHoppers_Feb16Gents at their next social dance. Pianist and band leader Roberta Hunt is sought after throughout Ontario to bring her charismatic and dynamic music for swing dancers. Her music embodies the spirit of New Orleans jazz having participated in the French Quarter Festival in New Orleans among other jazz festivals. Roberta’s infectious energy and exuberant personality will be sure to inspire you on the dance floor so don’t miss out. The Theme: Blue (Broken Hearted Blues)
Hammer Hoppers offers dance instruction and socials for vintage swing dances, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa
7:30-8:00PM: Drop-In Beginner Lesson
8:00-11:00PM: Bertie & The Gents

Another Jazzy New Year @ The Pearl! December 31

Another Jazzy New Year @ The Pearl! Thursday, December 31, 8:00 ‘til ?  $60 per person.  Fab entertainment and a great buffet. The entertainment will be a brilliant collection of super-gifted jazz musicians. We promise fun PearlCo@Night2people, great conversations, musical magic, and lots of dancing before, between, and after the jazz sets!
To welcome in the New Year:
Chef Gary Santucci will outdo himself (as always) with a pan-global buffet; new dishes arrive throughout the night.
There will be two sets from the collection of jazz artists assembled for the evening:
Featuring: The Spanjazz ensemble! Check out the all-star line-up! The Spanjazz Quintet this year includes Aidan Sibley – trombone, James Gannet – bass, Jordan Abraham – keyboards, Jeff Plumbley – trumpet, Gary Santucci on guitar, and Steve Wilson on drums.  Wow is the word.  Dancing between sets and lots of food and interesting beverages will round out the evening.
Dancing between sets. (Musical requests?)

We need you to RSVP: Buy tickets online, via email, or phone.  We sold out last year so let us know as soon as you do!
In our warm, welcoming ‘lofty’ atmosphere!

Flamenco Tablao / Cante Plazuela: Saturday, December 5

Flamenco Tablao / Cante Plazuela: Saturday, December 5. 8:00pm. $20. Kim Macedo (an Oakville / Jerez de la Frontera basedFlamencoTablao1 artist) brings a “LIBRE” Gyspy Flamenco style to The Pearl Company, the result of studying improvisational Flamenco with Andalusian gypsy artists and mentors.  Flamenco is the complex coming together of Moor, Gypsy and Jewish cultures of the Andalusian landscape. These cultures fused together lend each their own rich colour and emotion to the already rich folkloric art of Andalusia. At a time when repression was high in Spain , Flamenco thrived in private fiestas and in the caves of Sacromonte in Granada. This is the spirit that Cante Plazuela / Flamenco Tablao brings!
The players are : Manuel Moneo Carrasco a Jerez gypsy singer from the barrios of the Plazuela and San Miguel. Jose Vega Jurado a world class concert guitarist from Cadiz, based in Toronto. Carla Soto a viviacious and exhuberent Toronto based dancer with Venezuelan roots, and Kim Macedo an intense gypsy style dancer, inspired in the juergas (jam sessions) of Jerez – with their distinct love of Flamenco, invite you into their evening of heart wrenching song and percussive dance and guitar conversations. Take a look:


Erin and Nara: The Sound of a Premiere! November 14

Erin and Nara: The Sound of a Premiere! Saturday, November 14. 8:00pm. Advance $15/ $20 at the door. Partner’s in love and Erin&NaraPremierposterlaughter, Erin and Nara are pleased to announce their Latest Video Parody Release! They decided to have the talent involved in the parody put on a FULL SHOW to celebrate the event! Performers include: ERIN AND NARA; ROBIN BENEDICT; XTACY LOVE; BRENNAGH BURNS; SCOTTY BAKALAR; SARAH FARR; STEVE PARTON. Erin and Nara are best known for their original song “Sexy Cuz We’re Lesbians” and for being the over-the-top hilarious hosts of Shelley Marshall’s The Full Bawdy Comedy Show at The Pearl. They are unbelievably creative, hysterically funny, and just generally not-to-be-missed!

Hammer Hoppers Presents The Solomon Douglas Quartet: Wednesday, October 28

Hammer Hoppers Presents The Solomon Douglas Quartet: Wednesday, October 28. Doors: 7:00/Lesson: 7:30/Show: 8:00. $15HammerHoppersOct_15 / $10 with a MacSwing membership card…  Hammer Hoppers is very excited to offer a special night of dancing to the live musical offerings of the Solomon Douglas Quartet. Musician and dancer, Solomon Douglas is currently based out of New York City and Seattle, and has played in Asia, Australia, and across North America for lindy hoppers at hundreds of dance events. Come find out for yourself why his music is sought after by dancers worldwide. The theme this night is Halloween; come in costume! Hammer Hoppers offers dance instruction and socials for vintage swing dances, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa
7:30-8:00PM Drop-In Beginner Lesson
8:00-11:00PM The Solomon Douglas Quartet

Welcome to Our Season Gala! Friday, September 18

Welcome to Our Season!  Friday, September 18: 8:00pm start. $20/$15. We have an exciting season of theatre and music in store for you in 2015- PearlCo@Night3
16! The Season Preview Gala, giving you a taste of our truly exciting season of theatre and music in 2015-16. What a show it will be!

Here’s the lineup!
Everybody’s favourite comical MCs, Erin & Nara will guide us through the evening (and we will need lots of guiding!)
Previews of upcoming theatre:
Tuesdays with Morrie
Dr. Faustus
Spirit of the Narrows
Music from some Pearl Company favourites:
Leonard, Burns & Dell
Duane Rutter
Rae Billing
Big Johnny Blue
Performances from:
Hammer Hoppers (Dance Nights)
Brenda Lennie (Wam Bam Comedy Workshops)

A new offering  this September is a Season Ticket Package for our Fall 2015 Theatrical Season.  The Season Ticket Package will cost $65 for all three shows — that’s a 15% savings over buying tickets separately!  As an extra benefit, Season Ticket subscribers will receive a pair of 10% discount coupons, which can be used at selected musical performances in the 2015-16 season!
As above, the three theatrical performances we will be presenting this fall are:
Tuesdays with Morrie  (Classical Theatre Company) with Peter Anderson
& Steve O’Brien
Dr. Faustus (Make Art Theatre) with Ryan Sero, Jay Shand, Sean Emberley
and more!
Spirit of the Narrows with Anne Lederman (Internationally respected fiddler with
a story to tell)
Season Ticket Packages will be available for purchase on TicketScene or at our box office from September 1, 2015 to October 2, 2015.
If you buy a Season Ticket Package before or on September 18th, for this jam-packed evening of theatre and music you’ll get in for a mere $10!

Tablao Flamenco Toronto! Thursday, September 17

Tablao Flamenco Toronto: Thursday, September 17. Doors 7:30/Show 8:pm. $20/ $15 stds/srs.  On the heels of their sold-out show in Toronto, TablaoFlamenco Flamenco Toronto brings  these vibrant flamenco artists to Hamilton in this tablao style show. Tablao is a colloquial Spanish term for the “floorboard” that represented the local establishments where flamenco artists performed their shows throughout Spain dating back to the 1960’s. The artists featured during this one-night-only Hamilton show are Ana Lia Arias Garrido (song), Nazanin Meshkat (dance), Dino Toledo (guitar), and Zingari Alejandra Garcia (dance). You are guaranteed a true flamenco experience here at The Pearl Company! Video:

123 DANCE! September 10, 11 & 12 CANCELLED!

CANCELLED! 123 DANCE! September 10, 11 & 12. 8:00pm. Doors 7:30 $15/$10Srs/Stdnts/Artists.  A Call for Dance Artists of all Disciplines 1-2-3 Danceand Audiences of all kinds! 123 Dance is a dance festival that offers a platform for choreographers, dancers, and dance companies of all disciplines to perform their work, new ideas, research, and movement explorations. 123 Dance comes from the need to encourage and foster the development of dance in our community, Gary Santucci, Artistic Director of The Pearl in collaboration with John Gerena (Dance Artist, Choreographer, and dancer), Artistic Director of the festival and of his own company – “Grado Cero”, are opening the doors of The Pearl Company for this innovative dance event.  The Festival invites its participants to explore dance and its limits, and to try out new ideas in public.
Ballerina Sarah Murphy-Dyson will be performing as one of our guest artists as will John Gerena.
We are pleased to announce that 123 Dance is introducing a fundraising component to the festival. We couldn’t have found a better fit than the charitable organization DANCING WITH PARKINSON’S.
Why 123? All proposals are: maximum of 3 minutes performance time; Up to 3 elements of props; Up to 3 participants on stage. All proposals must involve the body as a main element of the piece.


FIN DE FIESTA FLAMENCO: Saturday, July 4. 8:00pm. $20 /$15 students/seniors/arts workers. This esteemed flamenco collective FInDeFiestaPOSTERPearlbrings Spanish inspiration to Canadian soil. The musicians and dancers divide their time between Canada and Seville, Spain. The name FIN DE FIESTA translates to “End of the Party”, a reference to the open jam session that occurs at the end of a traditional flamenco show in Spain when the true improvisational and spirited nature of flamenco shows itself.  It is this lively spirit – unpredictable and unrestrained – that inspires their work. FIN DE FIESTA is lead by artistic director and dancer Lia Grainger and accompanied by guitarist Dennis Duffin and wide range of talented guest artists from the United States and Canada. For this performance, in Hamilton for one night only: El Caracolillo, song; Fernando Gallego Torres, song.  “Simply Awesome!” – The Kitchener-Waterloo Record  Watch on YouTube:    Read Gary Smith’s article about Lia and Fin de Fiesta: Video:

Love Letters Cabaret: CABIN FEVER: Friday, April 17

Presented by Love Letters Cabaret: CABIN FEVER: Friday, April 17. 8:00pm (Doors 7:30pm) Admission: $25 Advance/ $30 @ LoveLettersCABINFEVERDoor/ $45 Ringside seat.  It’s cold out and we’re going batty! Enjoy a hysterical evening of nonsense, singing & burlesque! Get over your winter blehs with comedy, dance and music from “Toronto’s edgiest, most sexually charged dance theater company”. This innovative and interactive company is the creation of Artistic Director and Choreographer Pastel Supernova (dubbed by Flare magazine as One of Canada’s most influential women). She is a former international dancer for Nelly Furtado with appearances on the David Letterman Show and more. Pastel packs the stage with beauty and talent, using elements of vaudeville, contemporary dance, and burlesque to tell stories, explore primal instincts. Witness a cast whose collective credits include: the National Ballet, the Canadian Opera Company, Mirvish Productions and Second City Productions just to name a few. You’ve never seen them? Here’s a peek:   Adult content.

Celebrating Gerardo Mansang and “Casa Mansang”: March 7

Celebrating Gerardo Mansang and Gallery “Casa Mansang”: Saturday, March 7: Starting at 8:00pm to midnight. Cost: $10 at theGerardoArt door. The Pearl Company and  Gerardo invite you to a Fiesta, featuring Gerardo Mansang’s vibrant art. This Colombian artist (trained as an architect) understands colour, warmth, and symbolism! He paints from very large to small canvases, all in brilliant acrylics.  We are planning dancing, great food and perhaps some breakout guitar sessions! A splendid evening of cultural entertainment with a Rumba Loca (Mad Party!). You can win an original Gerardo Mansang art piece.  All proceeds from the evening will go to help Gerardo maintain his gallery and his dream of  a successful life in Hamilton as the brilliant and creative artist he is. 

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