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AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda: December 18 @ 7pm &19 @ 8pm BOTH SHOWS SOLD OUT!

AWAKE: The Life of  Yogananda: Thursday, December 18 @ 7:00pm (doors: 6:30) Friday, December 19 @ 8:00pm (doors 7:30). $15/$10 students/seniors/wage-challenged.  Paramahansa Yogananda is the AWAKE_POSTER_SM.jpgAuthor of the famous book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ Selected as “One of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century”. ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ is regarded worldwide as a classic of religious literature and it continues to appear on best-seller lists after more than sixty consecutive years in print! The world premiere of AWAKE opened in New York City on October 10. Here’s what is being said about the film…
“The inspirational journey of AWAKE is bound to awaken your own path; don’t miss the opportunity to see this epic and timeless film on the big screen.” —-L.A. Yoga Magazine
“Yogananda was truly one of the great spiritual masters. He shone a light that continues to bless millions of us living on the earth today.” —-Marianne Williamson
“The film tapped into Yogananda’s humanity in a way that was profoundly moving and inspiring to me.” —-Ram Dass
“A beautifully crafted film and a powerful story about a spiritual genius.” —-Russell Simmons See the trailer:

An Evening with Shirley Temple: March 1

An Evening with Shirley Temple: Saturday, March 1. 8:00 pm. $15/$10 students/artists/seniors. Shirley is easily the most popularShirley_Temple.jpg and famous child star of all time. She got her start in the movies at the age of three and soon progressed to super stardom. Shirley could do it all: act, sing and dance and all by the age of five! Fans loved her for the bright, bouncy and cheerful depression era tonic she was. You’ve probably seen some films on TV but have you ever caught her on the large screen? We’ll present Little Miss Marker and Curly Top on our screen (we may not be Silver City but we can do the job)! We’ll provide the popcorn and Cracker Jacks (can you still get them?)  Wouldn’t it be fun to show up in thirties garb or even as Shirley?  Let’s make an evening of it and celebrate an icon that may no longer be with us but will also never leave us!


THE JACK STREET SHOW: THE LAST CALL: The Memorial Wake & Celebration of the Life & Work of the late local Artist & Story Teller. Jackinblack.jpgMonday, September 16. Doors at 6:00, show at 9:00. Pay what you wish at door. Join Jack’s wife LLLLaura, his family of friends, and his dog, Gonzo in celebrating the man’s life and work. At 9:00 the show be launched with bagpipes and we will showcase the eclectic parade that was Jack’s life: his poetry, his stories, his musical collaborations, his artwork (the retrospective he was working on before he passed away)..  Jack`s favourite music will accompany LLLLaura`s photo slideshow. Bob Ezergailis’ videos of Jack on stage, taken over the years will be projected on the big screen of the main floor theatre. Suggested attire is Gypsy/Hippy/Jack Street style. There will be spirited libations, merriment, great gobs of food, remembrance and lively conversation, all the things Jack loved the most. Truly a multi-faceted, entertaining, and interesting evening not to be missed. A good old “Knees Up” as Jack would say! Pot luck offerings welcome!

5 Classic Buster Keatons w The VOC Silent Film Harmonic: March 30

The VOC Silent Film Harmonic:  Live Music Accompaniment  to 5 Classic Buster Keaton short films: Saturday, March 30, 8:00 pm. $15 /$10 students/all artists: The VOC Silent Film Harmonic, under the direction of Ted Harms, is a group dedicated to performing live soundtracks to silent movies. The group takes its inspiration from how many silent movies werevoc2.jpg originally presented, taking themes and using them as the basis for improvisation.  The music reflects, enhances, and supports the movie; it does not overtake or distract. And, of course, when it comes to comedies, Buster Keaton has few peers!  With his porkpie hat, floppy shoes, and stoic expression, Keaton consistently astounds with the pure physicality of his acting.  The five short films presented are classics and unforgettable comedies! VOC is: Ted Harms, bass; David Hunsberger, clarinets, Steve Lederman, percussion & brass: Bradford Nowak, drums; Wade Whittaker on guitar.


“Down The Rhodes“ A tribute to the Fender Rhodes electric piano: Jan 26

“Down The Rhodes“ A musical and visual tribute to the Fender Rhodes electric piano: Saturday, January 26, at 9:00.DownTheRhodes__2_.jpg Tickets: Pay What You Can (suggest $5):  Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story is a historical, film tribute to the Fender Rhodes electric piano, brought to life through performances, insightful interviews, and stories from a remarkable cast of music notables. Interviews with: George Benson, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Ramsey Lewis, John Novello, and more!  Don’t miss this insider’s view of how a war-era rehabilitation tool developed into one of the core elements in creating music today.  Film maker and musician/producer Gerald McCauley (West Coast All-Stars) is the creative impetus behind this remarkable story:

Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story: June 20

“Down The Rhodes“ A musical and visual tribute to the Fender Rhodes electric piano: Wednesday, June 20, at 8:00. Tickets: $10 / $8 students/all artists. Down The Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story is a historical, film DownTheRhodes.jpgtribute to the Fender Rhodes electric piano, brought to life through performances, insightful interviews, and stories from a remarkable cast of music notables. Interviews with: George Benson, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Ramsey Lewis, John Novello, and more! From this insider’s look we see how a war-era rehabilitation tool developed into one of the core elements in creating music today. Fresh from the Trane Studio and it’s Canadian premiere film screening.  Don’t miss the Hamilton premiere of this insider’s view of how a war-era rehabilitation tool developed into one of the core elements in creating music today.  Live Performance from the film maker and musician/producer Gerald McCauley (West Coast All-Stars)

Monday Night Movie!March 26

Monday Night Movie! Monday, March 26 Doors at 7:30, movie at 8:00. $10 all/door. Our first Monday Movie will be the Japanese masterwork, Ran (literally “Madness” or “Chaos”), legendary director Akira Kurosawa’s twenty-seventh of thirty films, is not only the summit of his artistry but a universally acclaimed masterpiece. Kurosawa spent ten years meticulously preparing every detail of and scouring the world for funding for his free adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear transposed to sixteenth century feudal Japan. We see, and feel, the “Ran,” the literal chaos of the title, in the destruction of the bonds of duty which once united a son to his father, a brother to his brother, and a samurai to his lord. Kurosawa makes no apologies for taking the time he needs to explore every nuance of his characters and themes. This magisterial film is an aesthetic triumph, with sequences ranging from one of the most overwhelming (and influential) battles ever filmed to intimate scenes which begin with ritualistic formality but then erupt into volcanic passion.  Monday Night Movies will take place on the last Monday of the month and will feature a variety of international masterworks with an international food pairing!
For more information re ‘Ran’, follow the link: and for the original movie trailer: Stick around for sushi and conversation afterward!

Cinema Insieme Presents: La Febbre: May 9

Cinema Insieme Presents: La Febbre (2005): Monday May 9 at 7pm. $10 at the door. Mario is a young geometerLaFebbre.jpg of Cremona, a splendid medieval city to the south of Milano, taking courses at the faculty of Architecture, He spends his days performing jobs for a famous architect and he is also in business with 3 friends turning a mechanic shop into a pub. The discovery that he has won a contest for a municipal employee thanks to an application sent by his father four years before and the consequent possibilities of fixed employment will transform his existence. Splendidly shot by Alessandro D’Alatri, played with a lot of passion by a great Fabio Volo, the movie represents an interesting fresco of the contemporary Italian society.

Gerardo Mansang / Art, Music, Film. May 1

Gerardo Mansang:  “44 Moons” Art Opening May 1, 4:00pm. No charge.  This Colombian artist understands colour, warmth, and symbolism. Very large to small canvases, all in brilliant acrylics.

Latin Film Night; 7:00pm. $10 at the door. Presentation of the Mexican movie,  “Amores Perros” and a musical performance of the Cuban group called “ de Suerte”.  The movie, “Amores Perros”, tells three separate stories interconnected by one tragic event, a fatal car accident. In one, a young man falls in love with his brother’s pregnant wife, while in another a vagrant finds work as a hitman.  Lastly, a perfume saleswoman conducts an affair with a married man in this complex, controversial film which rewards multiple viewings.

Cinema Insieme Presents: Lamerica, March 28

Cinema Insieme Presents: Lamerica (1994): Monday March 28 at 7pm. $10 at the door.Lamerica.jpg

Two Italian racketeers come to Albania just after the fall of the communists to set up a fictive firm and pocket the grants. They need a stooge. They choose an old one in a jail : Spiro. But the youngest Italian, Gino, once alone with Spiro, encounters a few problems. Far from his roots, losing his identity in deep Albania, he begins to change.

This award-winning film takes the audience through the devastation of post-communist Albania as it follows the odyssey of a young Italian man who has come to make some easy money but finds himself caught up in the same curious mix of hopeful despair etched into the faces of people he’s come to swindle.

Directed by:    Gianni Amelio ( Le chiavi di casa )

Cinema Insieme: February 28

Cinema Insieme Monday February 28: 7:00pm. $10 at the door.  A Hamilton-based Italian Film Club usually CinemaInsiemeLoS.jpgscreening modern films that have received a lot of attention in Italy or at International Film Festivals. All films have English subtitles. Occasionally, a classic or retrospective film of importance is featured. The films are introduced by highly knowledgeable Italian Film-Buffs and a brief discussion follows the film.  Everyone is welcome. Lo Spazio Bianco (2009) An unexpected pregnancy and premature birth become a burden that Maria is unprepared for. Lacking control over events for the first time in her life, she retreats into an emotional space where she is alone, until the day arrives when she must learn to live again for her vulnerable child. Staring: Margherita Buy, Gaetano Bruno and Giovanni Luden

Cinema Insieme Presents: Swept Away. January 17

Cinema Insieme presents the controversial classic film  “Swept Away” (Travolti da un insolito destino SweptAway.jpgnell’azzurro mare d’agosto) Monday, January 17, 7:00 p.m. Admission $10. A film by Lina Wertmüller starring Mariangela Melato & Giancarlo Giannini

Come see what happens when a rich, capitalist snob from Northern Italy is marooned on an island with a poor, communist chauvinist from Southern Italy. Reception and discussion following Film. Film is in Italian with English subtitles

Cinema Insieme presents “Vincere”: September 13th

“Vincere”. Cinema Insieme’s first film of the Italian Films season as part of Festitalia.  Monday, September 13th, 7:00 pm. $10 at the door. The powerful new film from acclaimed auteur Marco Bellocchio, ‘Vincere’ is a compelling drama based on the little known story of Benito Mussolini’s first wife beginning with their liaison in 1914; An official selection of the Cannes, Toronto and Telluride Film Festivals, Vincere is a gripping film that combines drama, archive footage, and music creating a highly cinematic oratorio of enormous emotional force. Professor Franco Gallippi will be presenting the film and leading the Q & A session afterwards.

Italian Film Night: Cinema Insieme: April 19

Italian Film Night: Cinema Insieme: Monday, April 19, 7:00pm, $15 at the door:  ‘Caro Diario’: Nani Moretti directs himself playing himself in this wry look at life. Presented in three chapters, Moretti uses the experiences of traveling on his motor-scooter, cruising with his friend around a set of remote islands in search of peace to finish his new film, and consulting doctor after doctor to cure his annoying rash.  All in order to cast a humourous look at his life and those around him.

Tia McGraff: April 24

Tia McGraff: Saturday, April 24 at 8:00. $20 at the door. With a special guest appearance from Six Nations TiaButterfly.jpgMusicians, Sakoieta Wildrick and Tewentahawiht Dawn Antone.
Writing and recording since the age of 19, Tia McGraff’s uplifting, heart-warming songs have been garnering her strong fan acclaim from the start. The Port Dover native headed to Nashville, where she and Tommy Parham quickly became a musical force to be reckoned with. Writing, performing and producing, they have captured the attention and respect of artists, producers and industry insiders.
“Tia McGraff is a fantastic singer with her own vocal personality which reminds me of an early Linda Ronstadt. She is a very intuitive songwriter who knows what a song needs to make it tick. A joy to work with.” – Randy Bachman
” I have seldom run into someone with a gift that needs to be heard as much as Tia. She colors outside the lines, and stands outside of the circle of tuned perfection. Tia McGraff is real and is really needed in today’s marketplace of music.” – Devon O’Day

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